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Advocacy LogoThe Advocacy Committee evolved out of the urgency we feel to make a difference on issues like homelessness and immigration. In addition to the amazing direct-service work our Temple is already doing, we want to impact public policy and legislation. We’ve heard from many of you that you feel the same way, and we hope you’ll get involved!

Fortunately, we have a great model to follow, from the national Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism. As part of a nonprofit organization, its work is completely nonpartisan.

We are currently building a steering committee and plan to focus on 2 – 4 issues a year via education—looking at a range of Jewish voices on complex issues—and specific opportunities for action. We’ve brainstormed a list of issues we care passionately about, including immigration, voter engagement, the environment, housing/homelessness, access to health care, and gun safety.

Please contact Janice and Barbara at if you’d like to get involved.

Our Advocacy Committee will be talking a lot about the “how” of impacting policy and legislation, and we’ll be choosing some specific issues to address as a congregation. But, whatever issue you’re passionate about, we want to help you make a difference. The first step is determining who you’re going to contact.

We all share the same two US Senators.  Here is the contact information for their San Diego offices:

Senator Diane Feinstein:
880 Front Street, Suite 4236, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: (619) 231-9712

Senator Kamala Harris:
600 B Street, Suite 2240, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: (619) 239 – 3884

City of San Diego:

City of La Mesa:

City of El Cajon:

San Diego County:

California State Legislators (Assembly & Senate):

US House of Representatives:

There are many wonderful resources for learning about the issues and we will be sharing those as we delve into the world of advocacy.  One of the best comes from our own Jewish movement it is the California Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism:

We hope you will use these resources to educate yourself and determine who your elected officials are. To contact us, please email Let it be the first step in joining us in making our voices heard.


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