Get Involved

Get Involved

Committees at Temple Emanu-El define our congregation. Our committees are the main vehicle for making our temple a home, a family and a warmth to our traditions. For without these committees, our mission and passion for Judaism would be without fuel. Whether you are a new member, or have been with us for years, we encourage you to develop your Jewish community through involvement in one of our committees. It is a way to reach out to others, it is a way to develop a Jewish support system, it is also a wonderful way to get to know what your fellow congregants and most importantly, it is a way to give meaning and support to what is most important to you about Temple-Emanu-El.

Complete list of committees and their chairs:

  • Adult Education: Madelynn Micon and Laurie Baron
    Plans and coordinates continued learning experiences for members
  • Advocacy: Barbara Learner and Janice Steinberg
  • Budget and Finance:
  • Caring Community: Ira Moskowitz
    Comprises all of us and provides support for Temple members in times of need and joy.
  • Fundraising:
    Plans and runs fundraising activities, including the annual gala.
  • House & Grounds: Steve Naiman
    Oversees the maintenance and improvement of the Temple and grounds.
  • Library: Wendy Ponomarenko
    Coordinates and maintains the operation of our Temple Library.
  • Mental Health Committee: Marie Raftery
    The Mental Health Committee is focused on parents and children of our community by listing websites solely for educational and informational purposes.
    Supports Temple members to integrate into the community and enhance the membership experience
  • Preschool: Lauren Frederick
    Supports the Preschool director, staff, parents and students with ongoing programs and activities.
  • Personnel: Debbie Macdonald
    Coordinates efforts to publicize Temple events and activities.
  • Ritual/Worship: Shelli Stein
    Works with the Rabbis to plan, oversee, and refine aspects of ritual practice and religious events.
  • Safety and Security: Greg Houska
    Coordinates/implements security and safety programs, along with local law enforcement, to ensure the security and safety of staff, students and congregants.
  • Social
    Provides the opportunity for hands-on involvement in programs such as the Hunger Project, Storefront Youth Shelter, and Mitzvah of the Month. The committee also donates goods and funds to local, national, and international agencies.
  • Torah School: Barbara Braasch and Michelle Roth
    Supports the Torah School director, staff, parents and students with ongoing programs and activities.
  • Women of Reform Judaism: Barbara Chancy and Nancy Marcus
    Provides a supportive connection among women of the congregation with a wide range of events and programs for the WRJ membership as well as support of tikkun olam, social action and educational activities in cooperation with our Temple and congregation at large.
  • Youth Committee: Rabbi Benj Fried
    Assists with social activities and fundraising efforts for Chaverim (grades K-2), OYE (grades 3-5), EASY (grades 6-8) and SANETY (grades 9-12).

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