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A God We Can Believe In

Six sessions, October through December

12:30 – 2:00 pm


October 19, 26

November 2, 9, 30

December 7

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Come join the journey with Rabbi Marty Lawson, Rabbi Emeritus at Temple Emanu-El.

Many people no longer believe in the Deity described in the Hebrew Bible, in the Talmud or other Jewish sources.

Using a wonderful new book edited by Rabbi Richard Agler and Rabbi Rifat Sonsino, we will explore a wide variety of viiews as to how to overcome the obstacles to believing in God in the twenty-first century. In brief essays by a number

Of leading rabbis and scholars, we will discuss our own struggles to find spiritual meaning for our daily lives. In our

“Lunch & Learn” setting, we will join in discussions that may bring forward a God “that can be lived with and lived for.”

Check out the reading assignments here!

Come join the journey! Class fee will be $36. Register here, donate, under Adult Ed.

Introduction to Judaism

Begins Sunday, October 16th

10:00 – 11:30 AM Sunday mornings

22 sessions


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Introduction to Judaism is an engaging 22 session course for anyone interested in exploring Jewish life through a Reform lens.The course, open to everyone, introduces the fundamentals of Jewish thought and practice, including Jewish holidays and life cycle events, theology and prayer, Israel, history and Hebrew.

Why take the course?

–you are raising Jewish children.

–you are seeking conversion to Judaism.

–you are a spiritual seeker.

–your partner is Jewish, and you are not.

–you recently discovered you have Jewish ancestry and want to learn more about your roots.

–your adult child is helping to raise Jewish grandchildren.

–you weren’t quite ready to appreciate the Jewish education you were offered.

–you now seek a way to live a fuller and richer Jewish family life.

The class will be held on Zoom on Sunday mornings, from 10 –11:30 am, and will be taught by Rabbi Devorah Marcus, Rabbi Benj Fried, Rabbi Yael Ridberg and Rabbi Cookie Lee Olshein. Tuition is $200 for members of URJ affiliated congregations, or $250 for those not affiliated. The fee allows for either one or two people to attend. Couples are encouraged to take the class together.

Register here (select the category –“Payment-Intro to Judaism”) or mail a check to the Temple office with “Intro to Judaism” in the memo section. The Zoom link will be sent to all those who register.

Adult Beginner Hebrew Class

Sundays, 12:30 pm to 1:30 PM

Beginning October 9th through March 26th

Register Here

Registration required. Tuition is $150 (Adult Ed)

Register here!

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