Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Executive Officers 2020-2021

Marc Glazer – Co-President  presidents@teesd.org

Cathi Marx – Co-President  presidents@teesd.org

Howard Somers – 2nd Vice President

Jeff Schindler – Treasurer

Ira Moskowitz – Recording Secretary

Trish Freund  – Financial Secretary

Eric Rosenzweig – Immediate Past President

Tom Lincoln – Executive Past President

Board of Directors

Adrian Benjamin, Amy Blum, Barbara Braasch, Gail Braverman, Adam Breslow, Marc Hamovitch, Stacey Kasendorf, Stefani Lenett, Steven Mashal, Matt Meis, Robert Patterson, Cathy Sigismonti, Janice Steinberg, Gary Steres, Felise Zollman

Becca Bierman (WRJ Rep), Oliver Freund & Jake Zubkoff (Youth Group Liaisons)

Click here to download a copy of our Annual Report for 2020-2021
Click here to download a copy of our Bylaws