Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Executive Officers 2022-2023

Marc Glazer – Co-President  presidents@teesd.org

Cathi Marx – Co-President  presidents@teesd.org

Matt Meis – 1st Vice President

Stefani Lenett – 2nd Vice President

Jeff Schindler – Treasurer

Trish Freund – Financial Secretary

Ira Moskowitz – Recording Secretary

Eric Rosenzweig – Immediate Past President

Tom Lincoln – Executive Past President

Board of Directors

Directors elected for a two year term:

Marcia Berneger

Richard Erth

Alec Irwin

Aimee Le

Barbara Learner

Jane Muschenetz

Directors beginning second year of first two year term:

Barbara Braasch

Gary Steres

Felise Zollman

Directors elected for first year of second two year term:

Amy Blum

Gail Braverman

Directors beginning the second year of second two year term:

Howard Somers

Directors completing second  year of third two year term:

Robert Patterson

WRJ Representative:

Becca Bierman

SanETY Representative:

Sierra Silver

Click here to download a copy of our Annual Report for 2021-2022
Click here to download a copy of our Bylaws
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