The Price Family Preschool of Temple Emanu-El was created to provide a quality early childhood experience in a warm, nurturing Jewish environment.  We offer a developmentally appropriate curriculum that meets the unique needs, interests, and learning style of each child.  Woven into every aspect of our program are maximum opportunities for the development of a strong, positive self-image, a love of learning, and social and interpersonal skills. Our teachers are committed to providing a carefully balanced, child-appropriate, and experiential program that integrates both secular and Judaic components through the year. This nurturing and affirming environment encourages children to learn and grow through exploration and discovery.


Our curriculum is based upon the development of the whole child, placing equal emphasis upon cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development.

Curriculum materials are designed to facilitate children’s construction of knowledge by encouraging them to explore, experiment, problem-solve, and share ideas with one another. We strive to build a foundation for successful learners through hands on learning experiences, allowing each child to develop to his or her fullest potential.

Our curriculum planning encourages:

Physical development through:
Outdoor Play

  • riding toys
  • playground equipment
  • sand and water play
  • gardening
  • gross motor movement activities

Indoor Play

  • block play
  • finger plays
  • movement
  • manipulatives
  • use of tools, scissors
  • cooking, playdough
  • Utilizing a variety of art/craft materials

Social development through:

  • self directed activities with manipulatives and  games
  • self directed activities in learning centers
  • modeling and facilitating inclusive social interaction
  • verbal communication throughout the day
  • organized small and large group activities
  • free play

Emotional development through:

  • role-playing
  • self expression in artwork, stories, and free play
  • quiet and active times
  • social interaction with children and adults
  • stories and songs
  • activities that reinforce and enhance self image

Cognitive development through:

  • Manipulatives that develop hand eye coordination, abstract thinking, problem solving, and pre-reading and pre math skills.
  • Creative art activities, storytelling, and self expression.

These activities stress process, not product, emphasizing learning by    doing, developing skills such as cause and effect, trial and error, making judgments, encouraging sensory awareness, and reinforcing creativity (the creative child wants and needs to continue to explore, create, and learn).

  • Music and movement enhance auditory skills, memory, balance, coordination, physical development, spatial perception, and sensory awareness.
  • Science and math involve observation skills, reasoning, cause and effect, and predicting outcomes. Opportunities to experiment and explore help develop dispositions such as curiosity, inventiveness, flexibility, and persistence.

Our active, integrated, developmental approach to learning, weaves together pre-reading activities, math readiness, life skills, science, art, music, creative movement and self-expression through the topics or units being explored.

As a synagogue preschool, we are fully committed to a Judaic program that celebrates Jewish values and traditions. The customs and traditions of Shabbat and the holidays are an integral part of our curriculum. Shabbat is celebrated each Friday in the classroom and then together with the whole school in a spirit of song and community.

Our music specialist meets with each class during the week, and the Rabbi shares holidays, Shabbat, Jewish customs and traditions through song, storytelling, and puppetry.

Tikkun Olam, repairing the world, is evident throughout our preschool environment.

An atmosphere of belonging is created through which the children and their families experience the delights of Judaism.  Throughout the year we offer Friday evening Preschool Shabbat Services followed by a healthy Oneg Shabbat for our preschool/temple community.  Everyone is welcome to join us.

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